NHS Warrington Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Safeguarding Declaration

Safeguarding children and adults at risk adults is a high priority for NHS Warrington Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and there is a strong commitment to ensuring that structures and governance arrangements for safeguarding are robust.

NHS Warrington CCG also ensures that organisations commissioned to provide services have safe systems for safeguarding, including clear accessible policy and procedure, safer recruitment, training, and governance systems in line with relevant legislation, statutory guidance and best practice.

NHS Warrington CCG has safer recruitment arrangements in place, including DBS checks for eligible staff and enhanced level checks where appropriate. Safeguarding responsibilities are included within the job descriptions of all staff. 

There is a clear line of accountability for safeguarding within the CCG. An accountable officer and executive lead for safeguarding are in place. The CCG Safeguarding Team sits within the Quality Services, led by the Chief Nurse, and works closely with the members of the quality team to seek assurance around the services commissioned and delivered across Warrington.

The Designated Nurses for safeguarding are embedded in the clinical decision making of the organisation, with the authority to work with local health providers to influence thinking and practice. A Designated Nurse for children and children in care, a Designated Nurse for adults, and Designated Doctor for looked after children (children in care), and a designated doctor for child death are in post. The designated nurse for children is a member of the Child Death Overview Panel which is chaired by an Independent chair.

NHS Warrington CCG is committed to partnership working and is a key member of the Warrington Safeguarding Partnership, which includes the Police and the Local Authority and also a statutory partner to the Warrington Safeguarding Adults Board, where all key agencies are represented. The Designated Nurses for safeguarding children and adults, at risk, are involved with the various partnership sub-groups and work closely with key providers, including acute Trusts, community services, mental health Trusts and primary care, to ensure system oversight, assurance and support, and advice from a health perspective is provided towards children and adults who may be at risk of harm