2020 - No breaches

2019 - No breaches

2018 -  A breach of NHS Warrington CCG's Business Conduct and Conflicts of Interest Policy has occurred.

An external independent investigation with specialist HR and legal advice was commissioned to investigate the allegation that a member of the CCG’s Governing Body had failed to appropriately declare and manage a conflict of interest. The investigation concluded that a breach of NHS Warrington CCG’s Business Conduct and Conflict of Interests policy and processes had occurred.

As a result, and following a Governing Body meeting, the contract of a GP Governing Body representative was terminated for reasons associated with this issue and as the individual was no longer able to fully discharge the duties of this role.

This matter was handled in line with the CCG Constitution and policy framework and taking into account adherence to the Standards in Public Life (Nolan principles) – the ways in which holders of public office should behave in discharging their duties.

2017 - No breaches

2016- No breaches

2015 - No breaches

2014 - No breaches